The Blakk Co. is Kansas City’s Premier Social Club for Communities of Color established in 2020, where we provide an elevated membership social experience for our members and its communities in which we serve by creating space for open dialogue, critical and confidential conversations that leave you better than you came.

When’s the last time you’ve been turned away from a space you’ve visited, let’s just say the Social Club Market often has a lack of diverse and inclusive spaces that cater to minority interests and demographics, dating back as far as the 1920’s, when Kansas City’s black population was upwards towards 30,000 and the rise of former historical social club’s such as The Beau Brummel founded est. 1918 by Roy Dorsey and The Saturday Night 16 which was founded by a group of black women est. 1940’s that were sick of being turned away at the doors of various hot spots in Kansas City, serving as a way for black citizens to sidestep the racism they experienced daily as these clubs fostered a sense of community, promoting black-owned businesses as a welcoming alternative to segregated establishments

The Blakk Co. continues the legacy of this work by providing space where individuals within our communities can connect, share experiences, and support one another in navigating societal challenges through a range of programs and activities that foster meaningful connections and lasting experiences through a membership where we’ve set the bar high by discovering new ways to create advanced elite-ness and unique opportunities to explore new found relationships that are rich in cultural experience for great professionals alike with each facet of our membership intentionally designed to enrich the social lifestyles of our members where you can connect on a next level likeness and oneness to empower, uplift and encourage one another through way of connections, influence and collaborations

Whether you want to join a fun energetic experience with a sense of pride or aspire to become a better version of yourself, as a member of The Blakk Co. you can expect to maximize your full membership network and worth in a communal atmosphere, while having the freedom to truly be you

Elevated Experiences Leaving You Better Than You Came