The Blakk Hour.  The Blakk Man’s Place to be.

Where else can you enter a social lounge, kick back and talk business or pleasures over cognac, have access to some of the best imported cigars, and link up with your crew and other members of the club near and far at the same time? Here during the blakk hour is where.

Regardless of your location, every blakk hour is intentionally designed and enriched to cater to the cultivating lifestyles of our most valuable remarkable man, the blakk man.

As a member of The Blakk Co. you receive unlimited access and benefits to your membership, which includes our exclusive private members only blakk hour, a true cultural experience for the gentlemen

With various inspired cultural influences, members will be able to enjoy everything from the finest man cave to their very own private blakk room experience. The best part is you can connect remotely from anywhere with your favorite crew during our blakk hour or set out to meet a new fellowship of brotherhood.

Whether you want to escape the pressures of the day or simply kick back, joining us for our blakk-inspired happy hour, for a fun energetic experience is the place you truly want to be.

Covid-19 Notice:

Don’t let social distancing kill the vibes to connect. Join our virtual blakk hour with your crew all in one place when you RSVP a private blakk room with us

Booking your very own blakk room during our monthly Blakk Hour events is more than an opportunity to create an exquisite night out or in for your guest and crew.

Your personal blakk room experience will include a blakk hour hostess to suit the needs of your night out, whether it’s a new accomplishment or simply catching up with the crew.

Click here, or Call 1-844-852-7401 or Email us at events@theblakkco.com to RSVP your blakk room today!