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At The Blakk Co. members enjoy a collection of inspired cultural influences and benefits through our monthly membership packages. We offer a unique selection of tailored benefits to best suit your social needs, ranging from single membership or a 1-day pass to our social clubs

All membership packages offer inclusive access to our inspired speaker events to mental health discussions and happy hours. The Blakk Co. membership was created for strengthening and promoting a stronger sense of community, surrounded by remarkable men of color who represent their own individuality of culture and originality with vastness of backgrounds and diversity, our membership is a conversation, a movement, a truly defined members only experience.

Creating a compellingly diverse community through inclusive membership, is our mantra at The Blakk Co. Members are not narrowly defined by their background, education or career path. Instead, we are focused on the fact that our members deserve to enjoy life, broaden horizons, share knowledge, appreciate the present and build the future together.

The Blakk Co. is a conversation. The Blakk Co. is a movement. The Blakk Co. is a community.

Now let’s talk about the perks!

Where else can you connect with a social club, grow your network, and have access to some of the best professionals, services and events at the same time, here at that The Blakk Co., that’s where. Our member perks are second to none, giving you access to our best offerings all in one place, one membership and one community.

Membership Offerings

  • Member Lounge
  • Monthly Member Events
  • Members Community Resources
  • Exclusive Member Offerings and Rewards
  • Mentoring and Community Service Opportunities
  • Concierge Services and so much more

All memberships require (1) authorized holder in which membership authorization is billed on a monthly basis billing cycle with the credit card on file. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please see our Billing and Cancellation Policies to learn more.

Note: 1-day Passes to any of our social clubs are based on availability