The Blakk Co. was established with one thought in mind, always creating a safe space for open, critical and confidential conversations for professionals of color in a way that they can enjoy and appreciate, by upholding our uncompromising mission to uplift, empower and encourage

In the world that we live in today various differences in the form of systemic challenges has created a climate of uneasiness for professionals of color be it in life, work or the world at large, and our Social Club seeks to change that, through our membership where members know and appreciate the right to just be who they are

We believe our members are not narrowly defined by their background, education or career path, but instead, we are focused on the fact that our members are all unique with a compelling story to share with others.

Membership at The Blakk Co. is more than a card that you swipe to gain access. It is an elevated experience for professionals of color that opens the door to many possibilities, such as collaboration, connection, respect and just an all-out good time. It’s a place where you feel good, a place where good feelings truly are the vibe.

You can expect an experience like none other as a member at The Blakk Co. We with events and programs that elevate the mind, expand your social reach and build community

It is here where you will find a membership that will leave you better than you came. Click here to join membership today