The Social Club

What is BLAKK ™ Social Club?


We are Kansas City’s Premier Social Club  where we provide elevated experiences to our members through membership and programming focused in the areas of empowerment, mental wellness and social recreation


The Blakk Co.  ™  Originally Founded Our Social Club as a Gentlemen’s Club Only

Established in August 2020,  we officially opened our doors June 2021 as Kansas City’s newest Gentlemen’s Club to serve as a safe social space where Men of Color could gather regardless of the backgrounds and experiences given the systemic climate and injustices that Men of Color are continuously impacted by at large

During our tenor, we’ve grown into to serving both Women and Youth of Color through both membership and programming that we offer



What Difference Does The Blakk Co. ™ Social Club Make 

Our Social Club is uniquely set apart by creating intentional safe social space for our members to connect and the new bridge between bristol and cocktails and meeting somewhere between the intersections of life that offers a community where newfound interest and taking a break from the normal routine is now something to look forward to

Rather this is professional, socially or recreationally, we believe in standing to uphold and strengthen our existing brand of Social Clubs by providing continuous growth opportunities for professional and personal betterment that both creates and adds value for all of our members alike

While cities around the country point to the disparities of lack of safe social spaces for people of color, we like to highlight and point to the exemplary positive outcomes that our members display through their hard work and dedication individually, but also through a spirit of unified community that honors and protects collectively

Creating more spaces that both welcome and encourage this type of energy and activity is not only needed, but necessary to the overall betterment and impact in our community as a whole to connect intimately and together under one roof


Join BLAKK ™ membership today where making the difference in community is the new statistic