Q: What is the Blakk Co.?

A: The Blakk Co. is a membership-base company established for men of color where we uplift, empower and encourage.

Q: Is the Blakk Co a lounge?

A: Membership at The Blakk Co exceeds far more than a lounge. Here members are encouraged to enjoy their all inclusive members-only benefits including a quick reset, conversation or a night out on the town with their comrades during our monthly happy hours and much more!

Q: Do I have to pay for a monthly membership to attend the blakk hour or any events?

A: The Blakk Co. is a membership base company. Members are provided with monthly benefits that include access to our members only lounge and events. Guests may purchase a 1-Day Blakk Pass when available and are provided limited access to the blakk hour or any events for the date of purchase.

Q: What can I expect with my Blakk Membership?

A: Membership at The Blakk Co. truly is one of its kind. Click here to learn more about our membership packages.

Q: How can I cancel my Blakk Membership

A: Click here to see our cancellation policy.

Q: Can I invite others to the blakk hour with my Blakk Membership?

A: Members who hold a Blakk Crew or Blakk Elite Membership  or purchase a 1-Day Blakk Pass are permitted to bring their own guest, who will need to have proper identification and complete online registration prior to their arrival to any of our member events

Q: What are the hours of The Blakk Hour?

A: We are glad to serve you during our monthly blakk hour events 5PM-11PM. See our events calendar for more information.

Q: Can I book the blakk hour for a private party?

A: Yes, book your very own blakk room for a private celebration or night out with the crew with us today. Click here for more information.

In an effort to value and serve all of our members The Blakk Co. does provide private blakk room bookings. Bookings are limited and made on a first come first serve basis and must be made in advance and adhere to our booking policy. Click here  or call our member concierge to make your reservation today!

Q: I need to change my billing information for my monthly membership charge, where can I do this?

A: Log into your member account and click here or contact a member of our concierge to update by phone.

Q: I purchased a product and need to return or exchange.

A: See our return policy for more information.

Q: I need to cancel my membership, where do I do this?

A: See our cancellation policy or contact concierge at 1-844-852-7401.