The Blakk Co. is a Lifestyle. A Culture. A Feel.

The Blakk Co. is a Members Only Gentlemen’s Club created to connect outstanding men of color. It’s a membership where we’ve set the bar high by discovering new ways to create advanced elite-ness not yet offered to men of color.

The Blakk Co. truly is a cultural experience for the gentlemen and great men alike. Each facet of our all inclusive membership is intentionally designed to enrich the lifestyles of our members where you can connect on a next level likeness and oneness to empower, uplift and encourage one another through way of connections, influence and collaborations.

Whether you want to join a fun energetic brotherhood where members experience a sense of pride or aspire to become a better version of yourself, as a member of The Blakk Co. you can expect to maximize your full membership network and worth in a communal atmosphere, while having the freedom to be you and cultivate other men of color.

This is Blakk Co. | Elevating Distinguished Men of Color