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Shop from our new selection of hair & beard oil or body moisturizer for the Blakk Man or Woman. All of our products are made of high-quality materials that just feel good.

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Shop from our great selection of shirts, beanies and more. All of our products are made of high quality materials that last and just feel good.

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Blakk Elite

Members Kickoff

Membership Starts August 1, 2021

Get ready to kick off our membership with The Blakk Co. as we premier what our Members Only Gentlemen’s Club is really all about! Stay tuned for full details as we prepare to launch!

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Membership Kickoff



Blakk Man Speaks | Empowerment Event

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Blakk Hour | Happy Hour

Blakk Man Speaks

Join the liberations of empowerment and esteemed voices featuring powerful, forward-thinking special guests.

Blakk Hour

Friday Happy Hour for members to kick back, get social, network, and relax


members only.

Blakk Co. was created for outstanding men of color, surrounded by remarkable art and architecture, exceptional food, warm and impeccable service, original cultural programs and avant-garde concierge services.

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