BLAKK ™ Juniors Program

BLAKK ™ Juniors Program

Connecting Community Youth Socially and Responsibly

BLAKK ™ Juniors Program also known as BJP is scheduled to kick off this summer July 14th, 2022, through August 5th, 2022, here at The Blakk Co.
Our goal for this program is to create intentional community between our Youth and Member Social Club by offering a 4-week summer program that includes introduction to trade skill set in addition to providing social safe space and recreational activities
This summer program is offered to ages 12 through 18 years old at no cost on Thursdays and Fridays of each week during the term of the program featuring our Trading with WHO?, Get Real Unplugged and What’s the MOVE (#WTM) Recreational Activities segments 
Participants of the program will have the opportunity to learn firsthand trade skill set with our Trading with WHO? Volunteer Moderators that boast training in the following trade skill set areas to include electrical, it and computer, culinary, beauty and barbering, real estate, photography, mechanic in which will share both verbal and hands-on instruction training to our program participants
We will also offer our Get Real Unplugged platform formulated to provide safe social space and topics that support mental wellness and community guided by Youth and Licensed Therapist
In addition to our What’s the MOVE (#WTM) recreational nights for an all-out fun experience featuring the freshest youth night with activities and food trucks
To register your child, you may begin by completing the submission form here, followed by checking out your child’s registration here
The Blakk Co. reserves the right to approve or deny submissions for any reasons deemed. A wait list will be activated once program has filled capacity.


Q & A  About The BJP

Q. When will the BLAKK ™ Juniors Program be held?

A. The program will be held on Thursdays and Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., with two Fridays including Friday July 22, 2022, and August 5, 2022 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q. Who can attend the BLAKK ™ Juniors Program?

A. This summer program is offered to Youth ages 12 through 18 years old who live in Kansas City Metropolitan areas

Q. Is there a fee for Youth to attend BLAKK ™ Juniors Program?

A. The BLAKK ™ Juniors Program is available at no cost. We do however welcome attendees to bring own monies to purchase concessions if they choose. Note: The Blakk Co. is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items

Q. Will I need to complete and application or submission for my child to attend?

A. Yes, all BJP participants are required to and MUST complete a submission form that includes a Permission Form, Waiver of Liability Form, Medical Insurance Form and BJP Participation Form. All forms MUST be completed and returned no later than June 30th , 2022

Q. Will my child need to bring breakfast or lunch?

A. BJP will provide breakfast and lunch during day programs and food truck tickets for evening programs

Q. Is there a dress code for my child to attend the BLAKK ™ Juniors Program 

A. Yes, during the duration of BJP the following attire is NOT permitted; crop tops, open toe shoes, offensive wording, sagging of pants, short shorts, sheer clothing 

Next Steps

1. Click here for submission registration 

2. Click here to complete checkout registration 

Registration for submission and checkout MUST both be completed for each child to be considered for program 

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Need help?

Contact us at support@theblakkco.com or call 816-298-6031 for questions related to program registration