Igloo Experience At BLAKK ™

Igloo Experience At BLAKK ™


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What’s included:

• Heated Luxury Designed Outdoor Igloo
• Seats a minimum of two, but up to eight
• Fun-filled Board Games and Festivities
• Bluetooth Speaker or Karaoke Mic
• Beverage and Small Bites Menu Available

Igloo SX or EGHT: $99 (2-6) Per Hour Minimum of Two Hours Required 

Available February 10, 2023 thru February 14, 2023

6:00-8:00  Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday
8:30-10:30 Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday

* Igloo reservation pricing is set at 8 persons maximum occupancy*

Reservations for February 10th, 11th, 13th or 14th 2023 , may be made online. For further assistance by calling 816-298-6031 


Things to know about your Igloo Experience:

• All Igloo reservations are Non-Refundable

• All Igloo reservations are available for the only the above mentioned dates

• All Igloo reservations MUST BE 21+ OLDER

• All Igloo reservations are PREPAID before

• All Igloo reservations start at 6:00 PM, ending at 10:30 PM

• ALL guests are subject to COVID-19 screenings and/or asked to wear face coverings at the discretion of our Social Club

• All Igloos can be booked using the link above


Need more time?

Still celebrating and need more time to make memorable connections with the ones you love the most? We welcome you to extend your igloo reservation over to our in-house lounge

Enjoy up to 1500 sqft of timeless art provided  with open lounge seating, house music, billiards and more with our social activities calendar found here

Upgrade to this experience by purchasing a $10 per persons lounge reservation pass here

Additional information


Feb. 10, 2023, Feb. 11, 2023, Feb. 13, 2023, Feb. 14, 2023


Igloo SX Fri 6:00, Igloo SX Fri 8:30, Igloo SX Sat 6:00, Igloo SX Sat 8:30, Igloo EGHT Fri 6:00, Igloo EGHT Fri 8:30, Igloo EGHT Sat 6:00, Igloo EGHT Sat 8:30, Igloo SX Mon 6:00, Igloo SX Mon 8:30, Igloo, Igloo EGHT Mon 6:00, Igloo EGHT Mon 8:30, Igloo SX Tues 6:00, Igloo SX Tues 8:30, Igloo EGHT Tues 6:00, Igloo EGHT Tues 8:30

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