GOLDIE ™ Social Club

What is GOLDIE ™ Social Club?

GOLDIE ™ is All-New Ladies Social Club of The Blakk Co. 

Set to open her doors May 1, 2022 GOLDIE ™ stands to uphold and strengthen our existing brand of Social Clubs while welcoming complementariness and safe social space dedicated to Women of Color

How Does GOLDIE ™ Make the Difference for Women of Color

When you hear GOLDIE ™ we welcome you to a space that is uniquely created for the sisters abroad to connect intimately and together under one roof

Creating our Ladies Social Club that brings Women of Color together both professionally, socially and recreationally is the new bridge between  bristo and cocktails and meeting somewhere between the intersections of life that offer a sisterhood where newfound interest and a break from the normal routine is now something to look forward to

Finding a Social Club that honors only the affiliation of uplifting, empowering and encouraging your sister is now here and her name is GOLDIE

Join our growing community of Women of Color in membership so that together we may shine more